Why Netmagic?

Netmagic's Mumbai Data Center 5 is the latest manifestation of the combined engineering experience and technological experience of Netmagic and NTT Communications. This facility implements the best practices learnt from having built and operated 252 Data Centers globally. With a gross floor space of 300,000 sq. ft., right in the heart of Mumbai, Netmagic's Mumbai Data Centers 5 is ideally located for enterprises to host their mission critical applications. And of course, the key advantage to any enterprise remains the Netmagic service delivery and engineering, which is backed by Netmagic's acclaimed operational processes and people. It's the very same phalanx of strengths that have ensured 99.999% uptime of their Data Centers, to the delight of over 1500 customers worldwide.

Operational Advantages

  • Location Advantage: Netmagic's Mumbai Data Center 5 is centrally located at Chandivali, easily accessible and leverages 'best-in-country' power utility infrastructure. Above all, it is well- insulated from possible flooding during heavy rains

  • Independent purpose-built data center building: Netmagic owns the entire building, which is an independent structure, designed from the 'ground up' for exclusively Data Center operations

  • Connectivity Advantages: Netmagic's Mumbai Data Center 5 facility gives you increased connectivity and greater redundancy without the prohibitive cost. Because we are a carrier-neutral data center supporting multiple ISPs, you get to choose your own carrier

  • Network security: Netmagic extends its entire portfolio of security services to Mumbai Data Center 5 so that you can contract 'best-in-class' services delivered by our veteran SOC team

  • Technical Support Advantages: Manned 24x7 by highly skilled resources and the experience of supporting thousands of customers across platforms, you can expect the best from us when it comes to managed services
Key Business Benefits

  • Benefit from Choice: Netmagic's choice of deployment models and service offerings will help you optimize your capital and operational outgo by leveraging resources on demand while ensuring that the basic requirements of compliance etc. are also met

  • Experience advantage: You get to experience the advantage of over 17 years of Netmagic's experience in managing Data Centers, and qualified technical personnel working tirelessly to keep your business-critical systems functioning smoothly around the clock, coupled with the global experience of NTT Group

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): A strict SLA ensures that you get a guaranteed level of services – far superior to what you would have in-house

  • Control at your tips: Our dedicated customer portal (mynetmagic) provides you a single view of utilization of infra, assets hosted, tickets, SLA compliance and cloud provisioning, meaning you are always in control and able to provide reports to your management on demand

While the technical prowess of Netmagic's Mumbai Data Center 5 makes for a compelling argument, the most important differentiator with Netmagic is the team of expert Netmagicians with wide breadth of domain and technology platform experience courtesy, a diverse set of end user requirements across industries and across segments they have serviced over the years.

So whether you are a start-up who’s evaluating the best platform for growth, or an enterprise looking for a reliable hosting partner, come visit the brand new Netmagic Mumbai Data Centers 5 and discover its scale, power and profit for yourself.