Mumbai Data Center 5
State-of-the-Art Data Center facility, delivering solutions through Best-of-Breed technology

Mumbai is India's commercial and entertainment capital, accounting for 70% of capital transactions to India's economy. Most of India's largest business houses and multinationals are headquartered here, and the city is an important base for trade and overseas businesses. Global companies across all sectors vouch for the quality of life and a highly educated, multilingual, multinational workforce. Mumbai is one of the world's top ten centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow and is the world's 29th largest city by GDP.

One aspect that makes Mumbai stand out is its robust power distribution – Mumbai boasts of the best power situation in India, with minimal outages reported in last few years and three utility service providers ensuring uninterrupted power 24x7.

Mumbai’s pace of growth has always demanded more space than is available. Businesses today require a robust, reliable and resilient IT Infrastructure backbone, that is above all easily scalable and responsive, as per dynamic requirements. IT needs room here more than anything, because it has plenty of everything else. With Netmagic’s new Data Center 5 in Mumbai, the city has a gigantic destination for its IT Infrastructure requirements, and one that can abundantly address concerns of scalability, high availability and resilience in performance of hosted assets with an unprecedented ease.

Given Mumbai's business importance, Netmagic’s Data Center 5 is poised to soon become the very heart of Mumbai’s IT Infrastructure needs, You have at your command the right platform to grow, scale and innovate in order to take your business to the next level.
Key Highlights

  • 300,000 sq ft Data Center space in a 'state-of-the-art' facility, with space for more than 2,700 high-density racks. Power consumption of 20 KVA per rack is standard and more number of servers can be hosted in a given space
  • Has full access to 20 MW of power (expandable to about 28 MW) and cooling facilities
  • Apart from multiple UPS, backed by batteries, there are gensets that can ensure 48 hours of nonstop power on full load. The gensets are backed with four underground tanks in the premises that hold 200,000 litres of diesel at any given time, to face any emergency
  • Being carrier neutral, Netmagic's DC5 has abundant network connectivity from all the major service providers, resulting in adequate redundancy on this front
  • Comprehensive physical and logical security arrangements: CCTV camera surveillance, entry barriers and man-traps at DC floor, Access Card / Biometric authentication for entry, etc. besides others
The Netmagic Advantage

  • Built to the exacting global design standards of NTT Group (the largest Data Center provider in the world; managing over 250 Data Centers worldwide), defining a higher level of redundancy and uptime for its IT and other deployed equipment
  • The latest in global Data Center technology in India, with no dearth of space for future business expansion
  • Benefit from Netmagic's expertise in serving the unique IT infrastructure needs of the Indian enterprises for over 17 years and NTT Communications' globally benchmarked engineering and technological practices
  • Support for custom configurations of compute, storage, networking as well as power, cooling and type of deployment (custom high density racks, caged rack, etc.)